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Sprise is a software development agency and product studio.

We're like a laboratory for software.

We launch products with a repeatable, systematic process, and partner with entrepreneurs to bring their own product ideas to life.

We double down on winners, and turn successful product launches into sustainable businesses.

We've built…


Sprise sparkACQUIRED

In-house product

A payments platform for streamers and moderators on Twitch to make money together by automatically splitting audience tips.

Web3 community product

A loyalty rewards platform for a community of builders, operators, and creatives in web3.


Sprise sparkACQUIRED

Website and NFT launch

An open-access community for women and non-binary people to get educated, connected, and empowered in web3.

Website and NFT launch

A digital network state bringing together talent, culture, and capital for the African diaspora.

Other clients we've worked with include Yes Theory and Offbeat.

Build with us

The future of work is changing. It's a departure from institutions.

Empowered individuals doing creative things can make a living on their own terms.

Working on an idea but don't know how to build it? Let's create something together. We'll make your ideas a reality.

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Who are we?


Montana Wong

Co-founder, Engineering


Kevin Boodtama

Co-founder, Design